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Hardwood Flooring Centennial, Littleton CO

Maxwell Hardwood Flooring is proud to offer flooring services to Centennial, Littleton, and the surrounding CO area. We’re here to help you choose, design and install the perfect floors -- whether you’re a home or business owner with a completely new construction or a renovation of your home.

Wood Flooring

Add warmth and elegance to your home with beautiful wood floors throughout your home. We can help you choose the right wood flooring – whether it's oak, pine, cedar, maple, hickory, walnut or an exotic hardwood. We can also help you choose the appropriate type of flooring for your home or business – solid plank, pre-finished, engineered, or laminate.

Wood Finishing

In addition to designing and installing all types of floors, we're also experts at wood floor resurfacing, staining and refinishing. Return luster and shine to your old hardwood floor with Maxwell Hardwood Flooring's resurfacing and restoration services.

Maxwell Hardwood Flooring Services

It may not be immediately obvious, but resurfacing and refinishing are very different services.

Refinishing is an extensive service and starts with sanding the floors to remove the finish, stain, and a very thin layer of wood. We then rebuild the surface of the floor by staining, and applying at least two coats of high quality, commercial grade finish. Refinishing removes deep scratches, grooves, stains and other signs of heavy wear.

Resurfacing (also called screen coating) is used when there is not as much damage to the floors. We lightly sand the current finish, and apply one or two coats of high quality, commercial grade finish. This option saves time and lots of money! It is considerably less expensive than refinishing, and considerably less dusty.

Call us today and we can help you determine whether refinishing or resurfacing is most appropriate for your floors.